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Based on Agile methodologies, we approach every project using an interactive cycle of Discovery, Analysis, Design and Action, designing all programmes with a blend of behavioural science methodologies.

The intention is always to get to the root of the subject and to co-create the journey in collaboration, so that the client feels part of the creation process and ultimately committed to the expected outcome.

The journey is designed in sprints or units of work to ensure focus, flexibility and action learning as we go.

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OD4D Model

The four dimensions in the 4D system are head, heart, body and purpose. We take a holistic approach in our programmes with the aim of provoking long lasting change and effective developmental journeys.


Systems Change Theories


Uncovering Emotional and behavioural patterns


Conscious and Intentional interventions


Embodied and Somatic Practices

Techniques & Frameworks

Applied Behavioural Sciences (OD).

Executive & Team Coaching.

Systems Theory.

Leadership Developmental Models.

Complex and Adaptive Leadership.

Embodied Leadership ®.

Systemic Facilitation.

Systemic Coaching and Constellations.

Relational System Coaching RSI ®- ORSC.

Project & Program Management.

Visual Thinking.

Applied Improv Theatre.

Scenic Arts.

“We deliver our programmes on site or using virtual technology that connect people, teams and organisations”

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