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Organisational Development

At Hike OD4D we believe the most powerful change occurs at the micro level, where relationships, interactions and simple rules shape emerging patterns in the organisation.

We are experts in unlocking performance by aligning leadership across the entire organisation, by optimising processes and fostering creativity and innovation.

Who is this for?

Organisations undergoing or about to undergo major changes

Organisations that have become constricted by old way of thinking

Organisations wishing to break down silos and foster creativity and innovation

Organisations seeking to identify changes to evolve successfully through change management

Areas of Development

Large Group Interventions

From ONE to ALL-Change through connections

Organisational Learning – Learning Circles

Self Organisations as a reality

Scenic Arts for Change:
PlayBack Theatre
Applied Improv Theatre

Other programmes…

Adaptive Leaders

Lead from within by leveraging personal power,resilience, courage and intuition to navigate in complexity

Connected & Intelligent Teams

Build trusting connections and relationships to become an Intelligent, Connected and Courageous Team

“We deliver our programmes on site or using virtual technology that connect people, teams and organisations”

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