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Team Development

At Hike OD4D we develop teams that share a common purpose, foster honest and trusted connections, provoke transformation in other parts of the organisation, while always keeping a balance between the strategic performance agenda and healthy group dynamics.

In environments of high complexity and volatility, teams are required to show courage and strength, while maintaining purposeful actions, being performance oriented and sensitive to the ecological and equality challenges our organisations present in the 21st century.

Who is this for?

Teams preparing for breakthrough challenges

Teams needing to develop high trust

Multicultural Teams exploring diversity

Global teams and virtual teams with common purpose

Agile Teams who want to reveal and strengthen their relationships

Teams needing to develop an impact within the culture of the organisation

Areas of Development

Team Assessments

Team Effectiveness & Action Learning

Transformational Journeys

Building Courageous & Connected Teams – CorFortrium®

Creating Agile Teams through Trusted Relationships

Re-imagining Team Leadership through Applied Improv Theatre Techniques

Other programmes…

Adaptive Leaders

Lead from within by leveraging personal power,resilience, courage and intuition.

Organisational Collective Intelligence

Shift organisations to a desired state by activating collective intelligence, systems thinking and facilitating change

“We deliver our programmes on site or using virtual technology that connect people, teams and organisations”

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