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Leadership Development

At Hike OD4D we equip leaders to thrive in complexity and uncertainty so they can have a bigger impact in the world through the teams and organisations they are leading.

We help them to develop intelligent and connected teams in highly complex environments by tapping into their personal power, awakening their resilience, and developing their courage and intuition.

Who is this for?

Leaders who are in volatile, uncertain times or dealing with ambiguous or complex situations

Anyone needing to lead in a matrix organisation

Leaders who need to break down silos and form productive coalitions

Leaders who want to be a creative catalyst for change

Areas of Development

Developmental Adaptive Programmes

Complexity & Systems Thinking

Conscious & Embodied Leadership

Virtual Leadership

Other programmes…

Connected & Intelligent Teams

Build trusting connections and relationships to become an Intelligent, Connected and Courageous Team

Organisational Collective Intelligence

Shift organisations to a desired state by activating collective intelligence, systems thinking and facilitating change

“We deliver our programmes on site or using virtual technology that connect people, teams and organisations”

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