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Bring life to leaders, teams and organisations by developing trust, connections and honest relationships at work.

In a world of increasing interconnectedness and complexity, it is necessary to develop a wide range of new capabilities so that people, teams and organisations can thrive in environments of constant change and volatility.

At HIKE OD4D we ignite our customers to breakthrough their transformational challenges, unlock performance and navigate in complexity whilst remaining humanly connected, agile, resilient and innovative.

We are a team of international professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who share a passion for helping people, teams and organisations to reconnect with what really matters so they can truly thrive in today’sbusiness world.

Our Team

Mario Villarejo

Founder & Director

Organisational Transformation, Leadership, Executive & Team Coaching

Mario is an International Organisational Transformation Director with over 15 years’ experience in leading international corporations through complex development programs. He’s multilingual and able to inspire individuals, teams and organisations in English, French and Spanish.

Mario has numerous qualifications in executive coaching and organisational development. He’s certified in the use of the Leadership Circle and NTL Organisational Development. He’s also a Six Sigma Green Belt, a recognised Project Manager Professional PMP, and he’s certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Because of his varied background and his graceful, easy-going nature, Mario specialises in building bridges across different cultures, contexts, and levels of seniority. Let Mario spark meaningful human connections across your company and get inspired to thrive – at an individual level, a team level, and an organisational level.

Roshni Gaijar

Professional Associate

Business Adaptive Strategist

Roshni Gajjar is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Director and certified Risk Management Professional who has held various specialist positions in the assurance, global pharmaceutical, managed healthcare and higher education sectors. Her expertise include finance, strategy, risk and sustainability management, corporate governance, audit/ assurance, strategic projects, investor and stakeholder relations. Roshni is recognised for her astute, clear and innovative approach to analysing and addressing core issues impacting business sustainability. Throughout her career, she has converted business plans and strategic objectives into results, implementing effective systems, fostering relationships and unlocking growth opportunities in the process, being particularly effective in doing so during times of uncertainty. She also holds certifications in Strategic Procurement, PMBOK, Brand Strategy and Sports Law. stratastute.co.za

Paolo Giuricich

Professional Associate

International OD Consultant

Paolo Giuricich is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Managing Consultant of smarter EQ, a niche, organisational development consultancy. For more than 20 years, Paolo has worked in the Learning and Development, Organisation Development and HR spaces, gaining a strong skillset and deep insights into how people work, both as individuals and as part of high performance teams. Applying a commercially astute approach to optimised human capital management, smarter EQ has transformed individuals, connected teams and strategically optimised the organisational culture across more than 30 countries worldwide.  www.smartereq.com

Ana Pola

Professional Associate

International Facilitator, Executive and Team Coach

Ana is an International Trainer in Coaching and NLP. Her path started in 2003 in London, where she stepped into the wonders of the training world. She now delivers trainings in organisations and universities in a few countries. She is multilingual although she mainly leads in English and Spanish. Among her qualifications one can find that she is a highly recognised NLP trainer by John Grinder (creator of NLP), a coach by the Co-active Training Institute (CTI), a systemic facilitator by the Organisation and Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC) and a Practitioner in Generative Trance with Stephen Gilligan, among others. She is also certified as a PCC by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

She is the coach of the Spanish kyokusin karate national team and travels with them around the world, working on achieving high performance states and enjoying every minute of that adventure. She lived 20 years in many different countries and in 2009 she set sail on a boat expedition which lasted four years, which she happily jokes is the single thing in her bio that awakens more curiosity.

To Ana human connection is everything and she believes that success lays on creating meaningful, open and honest relationships. She is well known for being able to connect and facilitate large groups effortlessly and thrives in working with organizations and witnessing their transformation.

Ariadna Mayoral

Professional Associate

International Mentor & Facilitator

Ariadna is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and entrepreneur with extensive international experience. After spending the first half of her career working for shipping companies in the field of CSR and sustainable development, her urge to explore and her passion for travel led her to spend 6 years as an Officer onboard British ships.

Besides recruitment and talent retention strategies, Ariadna provides support in the wellbeing & self-leadership of individuals and organisations. She is also the founder of Sea Wellbeing, a start-up whose mission is to enhance the personal and working lives of seafarers.

Ariadna has an innate talent for exploration and has always stood out for her travelling passion and for getting involved in multicultural environments.

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