Leading High Performing Virtual Teams

Development Program

Unlock your team’s performance in the new virtual and complex environment

Who is this program for?

Team Leaders



This program is aimed at leaders, teams and organisations who wish to thrive in virtual environments, by creating new ways of working, foster trusting relationships and have a virtual impact to drive change and transformation in environments of high uncertainty and complexity.

Program Impact

Foster a trusting climate within your virtual team.
Develop a self-organised team to unlock performance.
Run a team diagnostic to understand your team’s specific challenges.
Enhance your leadership presence to have a bigger impact.
Create adaptive and agile strategies to navigate complexity.
Develop long-term learning capability to help your team face future transformations.

The Program Journey

The program is a transformational journey of 4 modules, starting with a profound understanding of your impact as a virtual leader, followed by an assessment of your team’s current dynamic, which leads on to the creation of new habits and power practices which are required to shape the desired virtual culture. The program ends by cristalising and transforming learnings into a realistic but powerful project plan.


Online live sessions




4 Modules
2 Sessions per module
2 Hours per session
16 Hours in Total

* Possibility to personalise the duration of the program to the needs of the leader, the team and the organisation.

Other benefits

Quick decision making
Management of uncertainty and complexity

Module 1 - My Virtual Presence

 This initial stage is all about building your virtual self-awareness, and understanding what is your impact on others in the new virtual environment. We will show you how to build new habits and power practices to make a virtual impact on others


• Develop my virtual presence

• Self Awareness of my impact as a virtual leader

• Leadership profile (TLC)

• Fundamentals of Working Remotely

Module 2 - Virtual Team Landscape

Redefining the Way we meet as a Team

In this module, teams need to recognise that working virtually will involve working differently. In particular, basic communications skills such as listening, focusing, and engaging with others are in the virtual environment more required than ever. Even if they are in place, they need to be developed to a high level.

It is important that the team get a self diagnose on how they interact between each other, reveal the team dynamics, the current challenges, and agree on what needs to be brought forward and what needs to be left behind in this new scenario.


• Learn How to tune-in into the virtual space to connect effectively with others and to avoid collusion 

• How to work with silences and realize that silent people are not necessarily absent

• How to become more aware of emotions and make conscious choices about how to use then

• Clarifying purpose, collective endeavor, values, misión

• Balance between Operational and Transformational agenda  

• Understanding and revealing team dynamics  

• Team development stages 

• Taking trust and relationship to the next level

• Exploring communication styles

Module 3 - Leading in Complexity

Emerging Future Possibilities

What would a truly virtual high performing team look like? This stage is all about visualizing your team and organizational goals and devising intelligent strategies for achieving them in the new virtual space.

This is Lab day – experimenting with new insights and behaviors (towards performance-driven, collaborative, conscientious, and innovative) – and what this creates for ourselves and others.

Participants integrate what they now know and define intentions and commitments for the next phase: what’s changing, left behind, emerging? What needs to be different? We acknowledge and celebrate.


• Co-Creating a future Vision

• Strategic Visioning

• Polarity Management (Understanding the tensions in favor and against)

• Understanding the culture and context of the organization o Co-Creating an integral team landscape

Module 4 - Taking Stock for our Actions

Change and Transformation do not come without actions.

In this module we will review the action plans, we will learn. We’ll assess your progress on an individual level and a team level. How confident and empowered are you and your people in your actions? What sort of progress have you made, and how will you ensure that everyone is held accountable? This is all about taking trust and relationships to a whole new sphere – one that actively contributes to your team and the organization’s goals. Delivering results for the organization will become clear and visible, based on this transformative journey.


•Assessing, reviewing team plans, and actions

• Review progress and accountability

• Taking trust and relationship to a different sphere

We will develop your team with tools & techniques  that will form part of the Transformational DNA and will be applicable in further change scenarios. 

Meta Skills Learned during the Program that will have a long lasting effect

Active Listening
Learning Circles
Systems thinking
Managing Conflict
Learning to give feedback
Enhanced Communication

What’s behind this program

This program is designed using hike’s OD4D methodology which is based on 4-dimensional approach to learning. We want to provoke long lasting change and effective developmental journeys in an experiential way by focusing on four types of learning:


Techniques and frameworks applied in this Program

Theory U
Team coaching
Liberating Structures
Embodied Leadership
Techniques from Scenic Arts
Applied behavioural sciences (OD)
Group facilitation and systemic facilitation
Organisational Relational Systems Coaching (ORSC)

What is our differentiator?

1. Team diagnostics

Customised program attending your specific needs and challenges.

2. New Team DNA

Knowledge Transfer including tools & Techniques to create a culture of change and transformation.

3. Experienced and Multicultural consultants

More than 30 years together leading teams virtually in complexity environments.

Opinions from professionals who have experienced this process of change

Jorge Garcia

Consulting Manager en IFS Ibérica

"Great programme! Changing the way we meet together allowed us to create new opportunities in this changing business environment "

Julian Ricón

Director Behavioural Economics and Business in BBVA Mex

"It's important to develop new leadership presence in the virtual environment. This programme allowed me to have a bigger impact in my team. "

Gustavo Brito

Managing Director at AMATECH Group

" The program has allowed us to not only to adapt to the uncertain environment, but also to create new ways of working as a team."

“We deliver our programs on site or using virtual technology that connect people, teams and organisations”


Mario Villarejo

Founder & Director

Organisational Transformation, Leadership, Executive & Team Coaching

Mario is an International Organisational Transformation Director with over 15 years’ experience in leading international corporations through complex development programs. He’s multilingual and able to inspire individuals, teams and organisations in English, French and Spanish.

Mario has numerous qualifications in executive coaching and organisational development. He’s certified in the use of the Leadership Circle and NTL Organisational Development. He’s also a Six Sigma Green Belt, a recognised Project Manager Professional PMP, and he’s certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Because of his varied background and his graceful, easy-going nature, Mario specialises in building bridges across different cultures, contexts, and levels of seniority. Let Mario spark meaningful human connections across your company and get inspired to thrive – at an individual level, a team level, and an organisational level.

Paolo Giuricich

Professional Associate

International OD Consultant

Paolo Giuricich is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Managing Consultant of smarter EQ, a niche, organisational development consultancy. For more than 20 years, Paolo has worked in the Learning and Development, Organisation Development and HR spaces, gaining a strong skillset and deep insights into how people work, both as individuals and as part of high performance teams. Applying a commercially astute approach to optimised human capital management, smarter EQ has transformed individuals, connected teams and strategically optimised the organisational culture across more than 30 countries worldwide.  www.smartereq.com

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